Our team of specialized consultants provides assistance in every area of industrial property, taking advantage of more than 60 years of experience in the field. From filing a trademark or patent to protecting against counterfeiting, we can help you get your business to take off.
Image surveillance services
Surveillance services
We monitor global databases to take swift action against deposits of the same or similar trademarks.
Image oppositions
Oppositions and cancellation actions
We take action against filed trademarks or patents that may conflict with your rights.
Image appraisals
We evaluate your industrial property titles to establish their actual value in your business.
Image transcripts and annotations
Transcripts and annotations
We verify the correctness of the data in the databases regarding your IP titles to update them if necessary.
Historical brand image
Historical brand
We file applications to register your brand in the special register of historical brands active since 2019.
Image prior art searches
Novelty searches
We search worldwide databases for both trademarks and patents for the presence of anteriority that may constitute a future problem.
Image logos
Realization of logos
We assist you in creating a customized logo for your business thanks to our highly qualified graphic designers.
Online protection image
Fight against online counterfeiting
With our collaborators we can assist you in takedown actions against unauthorized resellers in the most important e-commerce sites.
Industry 4.0 image
Industry 4.0
Our collaborators can help you in the appraisals to obtain the concessions dedicated to industry 4.0.