Voucher 3I – Investing in Innovation

All the information on the new incentive

The period to request the 3I Voucher - Investing in Innovation will begin on Monday 15 June 2020. The subsidy measure dedicated to innovative start-ups provided for in the "Growth Decree" allows companies to support companies in activities aimed at obtaining patent titles, enhancing and protecting the innovative growth of Italian companies.

The Ministry of Economic Development has made available 19.5 million euros for the three-year period 2019-2021, entrusting the management of the measure to Invitalia S.p.a. on whose website you will find all the information for submitting applications.

It will be possible to request the issue of a voucher for:

  • carrying out preventive prior art searches and verifying the patentability of the invention;
  • the drafting of the patent application and its filing with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office;
  • the foreign filing of a national patent application.

All these services must be provided by industrial property consultants registered in the lists dedicated to the measure by the Order of Industrial Property Consultants to which Eng. Pietro Bettello.

The voucher guarantees a zero-cost opportunity for the beneficiary companies as the service provider will issue the invoice directly to Invitalia who will reimburse the costs incurred.

All applications can be submitted online and will be evaluated in chronological order until the funds are exhausted.

To find out all the details relating to obtaining the Voucher 3I call, visit the Invitalia website: www.invitalia.it/cosa-facciamo/rafforziamo-le-imprese/voucher-3i and contact us at our number 0444 288411 or at the email address brevbett@studiobettello.com.