Brexit and the Intellectual Property Agreement

Possible deal between EU and UK for post-Brexit

An agreement was presented between the UK government and the European Commission including provisions to ensure continued protection of intellectual property rights in the UK after the post-Brexit transition period.

A transitional period will enter into force on 29 March 2019 and will last until 31 December 2020 during which the UK will remain subject to EU policies.

Trademarks and Design

Owners of EU trademarks / designs registered by the end of the transitional period will become holders of similar and valid UK registered titles for the same sign and the same products or services, without further examinations or charges.

As regards EU trademark / design registration applications that have received a filing date prior to the end of the transitional period, you will have the right to file, within 9 months of the end of the transitional period, an application for trademark registration. national which will have the same filing date and priority as the original application.

Continuity of protection for international registrations with EU designation

There will be continuity of protection for trademark / design registrations valid in the United Kingdom and obtained with the EU designation through the international trademark / design.