Reopening of Marchi+3 Concessions

How to access it

The Ministry of Economic Development has refinanced the business facilitation program to incentivize the registration of international and European Union trademarks (Trademark notice + 3), bringing the financial endowment to € 9,544,385. Facilitation applications for which financial coverage was not originally found will be reactivated.

The Marchi + 3 call allows you to request a refund for expenses relating to:

  • the verbal and / or graphic design of the new brand;
  • prior art searches;
  • deposit assistance;
  • legal assistance for trademark protection actions in the event of opposition / refusal / findings following the filing of the application for registration;
  • the payment of the filing fees at UIBM, EUIPO / WIPO.

Starting from 9:00 am on 30 March 2020 it will therefore be possible to submit the application for subsidy for expenses incurred prior to the submission of the subsidy application and in any case after 1 June 2016.

All the documentation necessary to access the concessions is available on the website